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Welcome to Ridemaster

ridemaster welcomeIf you have a crash and it wasn’t your fault we can manage your claim. That means we will deal with your insurer to get you back on the road quickly and your bike repaired to the highest quality. If you need a replacement bike during this time we can organise this too.

Ridemaster have helped hundreds of bikers, to a successful conclusion. Don’t just hand it all over to your insurer, you could find yourself in a long winded repairs and claims case that doesn’t look after your own interests. Call Ridemaster first and we’ll take the pain out of a bad day.

Ridemaster assist bikers with managing the repair process of an insurance claim and work closely with their local Motorcycle Dealer.

Motorcycle Dealers increasingly become frustrated when they have to correspond with the insurance companies claims departments. Their first frustration is being able to speak to someone, their second frustration is having their request dealt with in a timely fashion, their third frustration is having to carry out the process all over again weeks later.
Ridemaster’s experienced claims management staff liaise with insurance companies every day. If you have been involved in an incident and you are blaming someone else, unless costs are settled privately between both parties, you will need to correspond with the person’s insurer and you become known as the ‘Third Party’ to that insurer.
Quite often that insurer will not take your call, advising they will only deal via correspondence in writing. Unless the insurer actually deals with your correspondence swiftly, you could be in for the long haul!

At Ridemaster we know the system. We know the way insurance companies work. We have all the contacts to ensure your claim is dealt with to conclusion. We are here to put you back on the road, with a smile on your face.

If you have an accident contact Ridemaster.

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    If the worst happens you always have the choice where your bike goes for repair.

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    Call Ridemaster first and our professional claims advisors will help you get back on the road again.

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